PropTech: A Remedy For The Lonely? | Nine Four Ventures

“Companies specifically targeted to advance and contribute to how humans live within the built world, can have a tremendous impact on a path to a healthy, fulfilled life. As awareness surrounding this subject grows, we will see more and more companies entering this space to tackle this very problem.”

AI Gains Ground in Commercial Real-Estate Appraisals | WSJ *Featuring Bowery

“One of the main features of Bowery’s system is automatically populating information about a subject property and comparable properties, which appraisers use to determine the value of the property being evaluated. Though AI isn’t involved in that feature, Bowery does use AI to generate text throughout reports and analyze and categorize inspection photos, saving appraisers time.”

This Entrepreneur Raised $68 Million To Reinvent How You Live With Roommates | Alejandro Cremades *Featuring Bungalow founder, Andrew Collins

“Bungalow acts as a corporate tenant which leases houses from homeowners and fills them with like-minded roommates, who enjoy shared living spaces and their own bedrooms. They furnish it, add WiFi, provide housekeeping, and maintain nearly 98% resident occupancy at all times. Then work hard to bring together the community of residents on and offline. It’s like WeWork, but for homes instead of office space.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

Are CRE Players Finally Adapting Proptech Solutions? New Survey Seems to Indicate So | NREI

“The commercial real estate industry has been slower than most other sectors to embrace technology, but over the last couple years the impact of proptech has gained momentum and has now reached a tipping point that makes disruption to traditional processes inevitable.”

In-Store Retail Tech Is Hot As Investors Shift Away From E-Commerce | Forbes

“CB Insights, a market intelligence platform that analyzes tech funding deals, found investment in 2019 began to shift away from e-commerce and direct-to-consumer companies, and toward tech that makes physical stores smarter, such as cashier-less checkout, robots that roam the stores looking for empty shelves, and electronic price tags that can offer targeted discounts.”

Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build | NYT

“America has a housing crisis. The homeownership rate for young adults is at a multidecade low, and about a quarter of renters send more than half their income to the landlord. Homelessness is resurgent, eviction displaces a million households a year, and about four million people spend at least three hours driving to and from work.”

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