Payment Operations Management | Nine Four Ventures

“Challenges around payment operations aren’t unique to tech company customers. Construction companies and contractors are experiencing payment operations problems too! And today, with the acquisition of, our portfolio company Built Technologies will be solving payment operations for the construction industry.”

Built Technologies Acquires As It Expands Its Reach From Construction Lending to Construction Spending | Built Technologies

“Built Technologies, the leading provider of construction finance software, today announced the completion of its agreement to acquire, a leading provider of lien waiver management and payment solutions for commercial and residential construction. With the acquisition of, Built becomes the first full-stack construction finance platform to provide solutions for all key stakeholders involved in the construction finance process.”

Start-up Bungalow brings new twist to living with roommates, and new funding could help it grow | CNBC

“Last fall. the company announced $47 million in new funding, bringing total funds to $68 million. Collins said he expects that will help them scale to more than 12,000 residents by the end of this year. Bungalow started in San Francisco in early 2017 and has expanded to 11 markets, including New York, Boston, Chicago and Seattle.”

In 2020, retail is moving back to Main Street | Fast Company

“In 2019 alone, more than 9,300 stores across the spectrum, from the Dollar Store to Barneys, closed locations. But as we’ve seen, consumers are still eager to spend money in physical stores, as long as the retail experiences is well-designed, entertaining, and integrated into our lifestyles.”

The Death of a Co-working Startup Highlights User Experience vs. Unit Economics | Propmodo

“Both freelancers and remote employees are opting to work on their own terms from wherever they choose because of the flexibility and freedom it offers. This increase in remote working directly correlates to the rise of coworking spaces, what do these spaces offer that makes them so popular?”

The Emerging Trifecta Of CRE Tech | Forbes

“A new crop of technology companies have emerged: CRETech estimates that approximately 4,000 startups comprise this ecosystem today and reports that more than $12.9 billion was invested in startups in the first part of 2019 alone. To maximize the value of deploying solutions, owners will standardize their portfolios on modern, best-of-breed technology stacks that can deliver the best building experiences and delight their tenants in the process.”

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