Board of Directors | Nine Four Ventures

“As a VC, our job is to speak to numerous companies, evaluate them, and determine which ones are best positioned for success. In the diligence process, many categories of questions come up, each with their own set of countless questions, but overall, we want to know 3 main things – do we like the product? Do we like the market? And do we believe this founding team will be the one to take this company to the next level?”

Meet Branch: Announcing Our New Brand And Seed Raise | Branch

” Over the past year, we’ve accomplished a lot, but we’re just getting started. To that end, we’re excited to announce our $2.4M seed round, as well as a new brand for our company: Branch. As we look to the future, we wanted to take a few moments to reflect on how we got here.”

Branch Raises $2.4M to be the One Stop Shop for Office Furniture | AllyWatch

“Branch (the company was previously known as Bureau) makes high-quality, office furniture for growing companies, taking care of all the logistics from design to delivery and installation; allowing teams to focus on revenue-generating activities. By offering direct-to-consumer, product cost is significantly less and orders are delivered faster than high-end furniture companies.”

Cities Worldwide Are Reimagining Their Relationship With Cars | The New York Times

“The immediate motivation is clear: City dwellers want cleaner, healthier air and less traffic. The long-term payoffs can be big: Curbing transportation emissions, which account for nearly a fourth of all greenhouse gases, is vital to staving off climate catastrophes.”

Getting To The Bottom Of The Latest ConTech Report | Forbes

“ConTech is one of the fastest-growing subsectors in PropTech. After an eternity spent behind the innovation curve, the construction industry is starting to warm up to the benefits of technology. As investments in the space have boomed, there has also been a strong uptick in adoption by industry operators. An FMI industry report sponsored by ConTech unicorn Procore, published today, dives into this phenomenon. Here is an exclusive first look at its most salient findings.”

$7.5B smart ‘mini-city’ secures land on Las Vegas Boulevard | SmartCitiesDive

“Real estate investment trust Bleutech Park Properties announced plans for a $7.5 billion project in the Las Vegas Valley that will showcase a range of smart city technology, from autonomous vehicles to internet of things (IoT) devices to smart buildings with “self-healing concrete.” The project will break ground in December and is projected to take six years to complete.”

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