To Have And To Hold: The Value of Customer Retention | Nine Four Ventures

‘In this post we’ll explore how Stay Alfred plans to give back to their loyal guests as well as the importance of customer retention that’s applicable to companies outside of the STR space.’

The Housing Dilemma: Why Homeownership Is Struggling To Recover In America | Forbes

‘The housing dilemma has allowed for various innovations to tackle the housing industry. Innovations have been fairly varied, from manufactured housing startups to down payment assistance to new models around gradual homeownership.’

WeWork Is Trying To Sell Debt To Fund More Growth, And It’s Not Alone | Bisnow

‘WeWork’s debt banking is intended to help boost investor confidence in the company, which is still a loss-making entity. Other loss-making tech companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have experienced disappointing initial public offerings recently.’

Bird’s Leaked Numbers Detail The High Price Of Scooter Growth | Crunchbase

‘Lime and Bird have had time to develop new hardware, explore new markets, and have made it through winter. If the companies are going to make it, which is to say if their models wind up proving economically viable or not, will likely be answered this summer.’

Coworking/Co-Retail Combo is the Future of Retail | Michael Beckerman

‘Retailers need to meet their customers where they already are: working. Expectations within coworking already expand far beyond the traditional office—encompassing community-based spaces that seamlessly integrate new technologies with member programming. Retail is a natural extension, given coworking locations have physical space and an audience’

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