2019 MBA Conference: PropTech Themes Presentation | Nine Four Ventures

‘This week I had the opportunity to present some of the technology trends and companies we’re seeing for the Mortgage Banker Association in Washington DC.’

See the full presentation here:

Innovation Shaping Future In The Land Of The Co-Living | Forbes

‘How big is the co-living movement? So big Cushman & Wakefield recently published a state of co-living industry report to gauge the state of the phenomenon.’

The Coming Resi/CRE Convergence | CRETech

‘Residential real estate has always been thought of as sales and, to a lesser degree, rentals. Commercial has operated with five pillars for decades: office, retail, industrial, multi-family, and hospitality. There was historically little to no interaction or cross-over between the two. Now, tech companies and even landlords are blurring the lines between these historically disparate industries.’

A Machine May Not Take Your Job, but One Could Become Your Boss | The New York Times

‘Management by algorithm is not a new concept. In the early 20th century, Frederick Winslow Taylor revolutionized the manufacturing world with his “scientific management” theory, which tried to wring inefficiency out of factories by timing and measuring each aspect of a job. More recently, Uber, Lyft and other on-demand platforms have made billions of dollars by outsourcing conventional tasks of human resources — scheduling, payroll, performance reviews — to computers.’

CoStar Acquires Online Student Housing Marketplace | Bisnow

‘Off Campus Partners, founded by a University of Virginia student in 2000, provides an online listing service for students, faculty and staff to find off-campus housing. It has contracts with 132 universities and services over 2 million students.’


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