The Data Advantage: Innovation for the Brokerage of Today | Nine Four Ventures

With their relationship based, predicative analytics platform, First has taken the guessing game out of a buyers/sellers next move and applied technology to give users an advantage. As Kurt Ramirez points out in a previous blog post, “Predictive analytics is a sliver of a broker or agent’s technology stack, but it’s a very meaningful one. Winning business is the first step to success, followed by delighting a client to the point where they’ll refer you and drive more business.”

GeekWire Awards 2019: Which of these burgeoning giants will be the region’s Next Tech Titan? | GeekWire

‘The Pacific Northwest tech scene is known primarily for giants such as Amazon and Microsoft, but there is a huge crop of fast-growing companies ready to make the leap to become the region’s Next Tech Titan.’

*Featuring Nine Four’s portfolio company, Stay AlfredVote here!

Co-Working Operators Are Starting to See Competition for Tenants from Hotel and Apartment Owners | NREI

‘Many multifamily and hotel operators are using co-working spaces as an amenity to attract and retain new residents or hotel guests and raise brand awareness. Others are looking for a slice of the action by establishing in-house co-working facilities that charge a membership fee and are open to the general public.’

Co-Living Large: Inside the Growing Co-Living Sector | Commercial Observer

‘Quarters is one of a handful of co-living companies to either expand or announce an expansion in the U.S. since the start of 2018. Offering tenants a bevy of amenities to augment their small units or bed-shares (a room in a shared apartment), all appear to be bidding to become—in the words of a Quarters press release—“the WeWork of co-living in 2019.” ‘

As Office Tenants Expect More Tech, Even the Windows Get Smart | The New York Times

‘Every year, office technology becomes more advanced, and developers and landlords have to stay on top of the trends or risk falling behind. Those that have the technological prowess may be able to command premium rents, but those that lack it may be forced to offer a discount.’

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