CRETech Product Adoption Best Practices | Nine Four Ventures

‘After reading Michael Beckerman’s blog post titled “The Biggest Impediment to Growth in CREtech”, I further concluded that Nine Four Ventures’ partnership with the Laramar Group is on the right path to tackle the biggest impediment to growth in CREtech: adoption. We work with the Laramar Group to filter and introduce new technologies across their 150+ building portfolio.’

Session with Andrew Collins CEO and Co-founder at Bungalow | Quora

Residential real estate, particularly the rental sector, has been notably slow to experience the same radical disruption that many other industries have seen with the digital age (e.g. retail, finance, transportation). Companies like Zillow and Redfin have democratized MLS listings and the home search process, but the way we buy and rent homes is still fundamentally the same as it always has been. This has a lot to do with the fact that real estate is such a capital-intensive industry. It’s much harder to remove friction from a process that’s much more complicated (and has bigger stakes) than, say, ride-sharing.

Managing Financial Risk in Construction | Built Worlds

‘…timely payments on construction projects is a major challenge in the industry, both in the US and abroad. The reason? There are such intricate complexities when money changes hands, and given the breadth of the supply chain for a single project, these exchanges are substantial come with limited transparency. As money changes hands, so does risk.’

IIoT: How It Factors into Construction | Constructech

‘The IIoT (industrial IoT) is often referred to in conjunction with manufacturing and automated factories—so how might this impact the construction industry in the months ahead? With a rise in pre-fab manufacturing and the move toward off-site production methods, the construction industry stands to benefit from the rise in the IIoT, as much as any other vertical market.’

PropTech Costs Are Down, Effectiveness Is Up And It’s Changing The Outlook For CRE | Bisnow

‘Now that tech startups in the industry are beginning to mature and evolve, costs have come down and landlords and developers are working out how to aggregate data at scale, a shift is taking place.’

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