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4 Ways Technology Can Bring Life To Existing Multifamily Properties | Nine Four Ventures

‘The introduction of new technologies provide owners and operators an added layer of amenity that once wasn’t available to them. Nine Four’s multifamily partner, The Laramar Group, is a great example of how technology is proving to be a profitable endeavor across various layers of the business.’

Using Technology to Define Your Brand | NAA

“There’s no debating that technology has become the differentiator,” says Faith Aids, Vice President of Marketing and Branding for Laramar Group. “Residents and employees expect it to be on autopilot these days, and instant gratification truly means instant”

Smart Cities Need to Spend More on Security Tech, Study Suggests | Bloomberg

‘Of the roughly $135 billion expected to be spent globally on cybersecurity for critical city infrastructure in 2024, 44% will be split across data protection provisions for energy, health care, public security, transport, water and waste industries…’

Will tech make realtors obsolete? Investors debate the future of real estate | GeekWire

‘Real estate companies such as Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor, Compass, and others are investing heavily in the burgeoning “iBuyer” market that lets people quickly buy and sell homes online. Those transactions still require a real estate agent.’

CREtech’s 2019 Mid Year Report on State of The Commercial Real Estate Tech Sector | CRETech

Download CRETech’s Mid Year Report to learn about the record setting $14 billion VC investment into the commercial real estate tech sector in 2019 so far, what to expect in terms of VC investment for the remainder of 2019, the top 5 funding trends of 2019 and more.

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