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Co-living: The Human Perspective | Nine Four Ventures

‘At Nine Four Ventures, we are excited for this sector to take flight. There will be endless conversations about the pros and cons for both the owners/developers and renters but as I see it, the value it will provide to the diverse demographic of today’s renters will be invaluable.’

How Technology Works as a Catalyst in the Evolution of Leasing | Multifamily Executive

Through the pilot program, Laramar has tested and adopted Stay Alfred, a vacation/hotel hybrid that master-leases units from apartment communities and then leases them out to guests as short-term rentals. The benefit to leasing associates, Ramirez says, is that the solution “provides win-wins between leasing, management, and ownership. Stay Alfred may be able to lease units, thereby increasing occupancy and reducing the remaining number of units leasing associates are responsible for.”

Technology and Multifamily are No Longer Rivals | Multifamily Insiders

‘Multifamily has transformed from a paper-and-pen leasing process to an industry always looking for new technologies and ways to innovate. In the last five years, we have seen the industry adapt smart-home technology, marketing automation and test products designed to streamline communications on the myriad of platforms available to prospects, residents and leasing teams.’

Four Ways Data Entry Errors Hurt the Bottom Line | Built

‘By investing in the right technology solution, financial institutions have the ability to proactively mitigate risk by eliminating siloed systems, excessive handoffs, and duplicative data entry. Though implementing a modern technology solution may seem like an expensive and time-consuming challenge up-front, a suite of fully integrated software solutions will significantly reduce the potential risk of human entry error and allow the institution to make faster, smarter lending decisions.’

Co-Living Is In Growth Mode As Gentrification Issues Shake Up Major Cities | Bisnow

‘Growing student loans, housing affordability concerns and rising construction expenses birthed a new asset class known as co-living over the past five years. As that sector grows rapidly in an attempt to give younger professionals higher-end living at lower rents, institutional players are expected to take notice soon.’


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