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What to do with all those Packages?

‘For properties that do not have a solution for handling packages, it feels like all 11 billion packages delivered annually in the US are sitting in your leasing office, waiting for the tenant to finally come pick them up.’

25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2018

*Featuring Nine Four Ventures portfolio company First

‘According to KPMG’s Venture Pulse Report, venture capital (VC) investment in artificial intelligence almost doubled in 2017, attracting $12B compared to $6B in 2016.’

As Real Estate Tech Investments Rise, Here Are The Tools To Watch  

*Featuring Nine Four Ventures portfolio company First

‘Investment in real estate technology is at an all-time high. In 2017 alone, venture capital firms invested nearly $13 billion in the space.’

Survey Says: These Amenities Could Help Home-Sharing Companies Take On Traditional Hotels

‘A swimming pool was the most popular amenity worldwide, but for respondents in the U.S., Canada and Australia, free parking beat it for the top spot. Traditionally, pools and parking have been advantages hotels have held over short-term rental apartments, but Airbnb’s recent corporate moves have worked to close that gap.’

Facebook set to add millions of new real estate listings as push into real estate continues

‘Last November, Facebook partnered with Zumper and Apartment List to add rental listings to Facebook Marketplace. Now, a little under a year later, Facebook is at it again, this time with Rental Beast, a software-as-a-service rental listing platform that provides millions of rental listings.’

Proof Augmented Reality Can Work Anywhere

‘AR applications will connect us to the built environment in new, exciting ways. Commercial building owners will offer visitors more information that enhances their experience. From easy navigation to advertising to design, AR really can work with any commercial space.’

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