Optimizing NOI Amid Uncertainty | Nine Four Ventures

“Companies can increase their revenues or cut their costs in order to increase operating income, however, in a post COVID-19 world where almost everything is shut down, the former is almost impossible for most industries. That’s why we’re seeing significant opportunities in optimization technologies, specifically. In this post, we review a few of the many ways, PropTech, specifically, can help industry stakeholders optimize operations.”

New And Growing Startups Use Branch To Furnish Their Ideal Workspace | Forbes

“From open office designs to closed-off cubicles, office furniture plays a more significant role than having surfaces to sit on or conference rooms for large gathers. The furniture in an office space often reflects the culture and aesthetic that a company wants to project at large. However, the process of acquiring office furniture has not changed for a long time. Greg Hayes, Sib Mahapatra, and Verity Sylvester have made it easier to obtain office furniture to design a workplace to one’s liking through Branch. Branch is a direct-to-business office furniture startup, selling premium equipment to other growing companies. The startup is based in New York City.”

Best Practices for Remote Jobsite Management in the Era of COVID-19 | The Real Deal *Featuring OpenSpace

“To fully capture a project, on-site team members simply mount a standard off-the-shelf 360 camera to their hard hats and then walk the site as they normally would. Without any extra work, OpenSpace automatically takes photos, stitches them together and aligns them to plans, generating an interactive visual twin of the project that can be shared, Google “Street View”-style, across the full team. 360 photo documentation provides a trusted single source of truth for a project, acting like a razor to cut to the core of issues and resolve conflicts.”

Lots of Pain, Some Gain | NMHC

“There was a time before COVID-19 and there will be a time after the virus. But the transition time between the two eras is proving abrupt, dramatic and painful. For some of the PropTech world, this means money, customers and demand have dried up. For others, this is shaping up to be a period of tremendous growth.”

The post-pandemic workplace will hardly look like the one we left behind | The Washington Post

“…companies are actively starting to prepare for the eventual return of at least some office workers who have been working remotely — rethinking floor layouts, staggering work schedules and making changes that could fundamentally shift relationships with employers, such as scanning temperatures.”

Finding The Right Words: Smart Density Is City Wellness | Forbes

“With the ongoing evolution of mobility, we could see a pendulum swing in our cities giving the streets back to the people — not for cars. There is some commentary on how autonomous vehicles could create more congestion; however, the technology of autonomous vehicles would allow for cars to travel closer to one another and free up space. And the growth of driverless vehicle usage could result in the smarter use of sidewalks, pickup and drop-off zones and street curbs.”

Survey: 69% Of Companies Plan To Shrink Office Footprint, Increase Remote Work | Bisnow

“A new survey suggests working from home will be a permanent fixture of corporate life. Sixty-nine percent of corporate real estate professionals said their company will take up less real estate after spending time working from home, according to a CoreNet Global survey released Wednesday.”


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