Photogrammetry: Keeping Construction “Open for Business” with Virtual Inspections | Nine Four Ventures

“Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs. The inputs are typically 2D photos and the output is typically a 3D map, drawing or model of a real-world object or environment.”

New York Businesses Do the Pandemic Pivot to Survive | WSJ *Featuring Branch

“New York-based office furniture brand Branch, meanwhile, pivoted from serving the corporate market to targeting residents scrambling to set up a home office.

Built Technologies releases limited version of loan software | Built/Housing Wire

“Construction finance software company Built Technologies announced that it would be releasing a limited version of its flagship Construction Loan Administration software in an effort to help lenders impacted by the coronavirus.

With this software, lenders who are struggling to effectively manage and monitor construction and renovation loans due to the spread of coronavirus have an alternative to keeping track.”

Workers Won’t Return To The Same Office Space They Left | Bisnow

“Other changes will be less visible to the eye, but part of many 2020s offices all the same, such as antimicrobial fabrics and regular wipe-downs of highly touched surfaces, according to Vox. Ultraviolet germicidal lights as part of HVAC systems, which isn’t a new technology, might also catch on in a bigger way.”

What CRE Has On Its Wish List For The Next Coronavirus Stimulus Package | Bisnow *Featuring Built

“This time, real estate groups say Congress should give more consideration to the industry that puts roofs over the heads of renters, creates destinations for restaurants and stores and houses the armies of corporate workers who will one day soon — hopefully — be returning.”

‘Dawn Of The VR Era’: Proptech Adoption Exploding As CRE Goes Digital | Bisnow

“While the coronavirus and the shift to remote working have spurred new interest in these technologies, they have also presented new challenges. Tech companies that create virtual tours still must travel to a building to film it. And with real estate firms looking for ways to cut costs and becoming more skeptical about spending on new products, tech startups are under greater pressure to prove they can create immediate return on investment.”

Computers Were Going to Upend Home Buying. They Didn’t See the Coronavirus Coming | WSJ

“The pandemic itself has offered a lens into the value of both technology and traditional agents to the home buying process. Zillow says interest in its proprietary 3-D home touring technology has gone, pun probably intended, “through the roof,” as brokers’ tours and open houses are in most cases prohibited right now. Meanwhile, agents say their relationships with clients are more valuable today than ever as they help with crisis management and provide emotional support.”

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