PropTech in the Midst of COVID-19 | Nine Four Ventures

“The world is in the middle of a very fluid COVID-19 situation with little positive economic news – jobless claims are hitting all-time highs, the hospitality industry is all but shut down, nightlife, restaurants and retail are getting crushed, and the economy is overall at a near standstill. The impact of a global pandemic is comprehensive in scale, and despite a government stimulus package, it looks like there is a long road ahead of us.”

2020 Best Tech Startups in Tennessee | Tech Tribune *Featuring Built

“Built Technologies was founded in 2014 out of firsthand frustration with the challenges and pitfalls often associated with construction lending and the belief that technology could transform the loan management process. Built’s collaborative software streamlines the collateral monitoring and draw management process – a process widely recognized as highly cumbersome, costly, and fraught with risk. By bringing the draw management process online, Built helps lenders reduce construction loan risk, increase loan profitability, transform the borrower experience, simplify compliance, and provide unprecedented portfolio insights.”

5 Steps To Take When Construction Materials Are Delayed | Globe St. via Built

“Many commercial buildings currently under construction have materials that are sourced from Chinese and other global manufacturers. We should consider how much construction material will now either be delayed or reordered as a result of coronavirus. And at what cost? What is the impact of those delays and cost changes on the viability of the originally underwritten construction budget?”

The Benefits of SmartRent’s Self-Guided Tours Solution | SmartRent

“In today’s expanding multifamily real estate market, it’s imperative to provide an exceptional experience to prospective residents. Whether you’re a property manager, leasing agent or property owner, implementing a self-guided tours solution can enhance your property’s value and save your staff time.”

20 of the best technology startups in Arizona | AZ BigMedia *Featuring SmartRent

“As Phoenix evolves into a hotbed for technology and the perfect landing place for technology startups to call home, Chris Camacho, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, says, “Now, it’s less about importing other states’ and other people’s technology and more about building our own.” Luckily for the Valley’s economy, there are many innovative companies doing just that. Here  are 20 of the best technology startups in Metro

Branch office furniture in growth mode | Furniture Today

“We have expanded the line beyond our initial offering of one kind of chair and desk to having multiple options and are now also offering conference tables, meeting chairs, lounge furniture and guest seating,” Hayes added.

“He said that the company is hoping to help consumers outfit their new work from home spaces. Then, after the current pandemic has passed, it plans to continue to work with both small offices of 10 to 20 people as well as larger teams of up to 700 people.”

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