Strength in Numbers | Nine Four Ventures

“Real Estate is especially known to be a relationship-driven business. As a broker, for instance, the more people you know, the more people you have the opportunity to sell to. As a property manager, for instance, the more vendor relationships you have, the better deals you can get for your tenants. As a developer, for instance, the more general contractors you have relationships with, the more bids you can pin against each other to get the best price to build your property”

A startup CEO who relies on factories in China says his business won’t be hurt by the coronavirus. Here’s how he navigated the crisis | Business Insider *Featuring Branch

“Greg Hayes is the CEO and co-founder of Branch, a 10-employee venture-backed office furniture startup in New York that’s raised $2.5 million. Branch sells affordable, modern-inspired office furniture and has manufacturing facilities in the US and China.

Branch relies heavily on contract Chinese manufacturers in Guangzhou, China, which produces about 70% of Branch’s custom furniture parts, Hayes told Business Insider. The remaining parts, along with the assembly work, is done in the US.”

3D Images Will Become the System of Records For Our Digital Buildings | Propmodo *Featuring Bowery

“Photos and videos are one of the best ways to convey accurate and complete objective information. Consider, for example, how real estate appraisals could benefit from automated visual documentation like AVR or 3D technology. Bowery is an NYC based company working to digitize and streamline appraisals. They’ve already created an app that imports public data and provides checklists for appraisers to use. As boomers retire and less people take up the trade, fully automated appraisals seem likely to happen within the decade.”

Real Estate Is Becoming A Digital Asset: 5 Trends For The Coming Decade And The Coronavirus Effect | Forbes

“The real estate asset is behaving like a digital asset because the ownership of the asset is already digitized; furthermore, the paperwork for the ownership transfer is also mostly digitized (thanks to the innovations of companies and organizations such as DocuSign and the National Association of REALTORS). In addition to these significant changes related to real estate and how it is traded, there will be further transformations and developments in the coming decade.”

Demand for flexible space transforming office markets | JLL

“Tenant demand for more flexible space options is forcing a dramatic shift in the office market as building owners adapt to occupier needs. In the U.S., the flexible space sector has grown at an average annual rate of 23% since 2010.”

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