PropTech: Raising the Bar | Nine Four Ventures

“…I noticed that there were things we did as a team that can now be augmented by technology. What was previously winning awards is now likely “table stakes” made possible by some of the technology and software solutions that are out there.”

Short-Term Rental Options for Multifamily Operators | MHN *Featuring Stay Alfred

“A report from consulting firm D2 Demand Solutions outlines how multifamily firms can navigate “one of the fastest-changing developments in both the rental housing and lodging industries” and focuses on the various STR options and operators.”

How 2020 Is Shaping Up For Coworking And Flexible Office Space | Forbes

“The coworking and flexible work space trend, essentially a post-Great Recession phenomenon, continues to bloom and grow. According to Colliers International, coworking is one of the few expanding office demand sources. And there’s plenty of room for it to run. Even with all its growth over the past decade, flexible office space still comprises just a fraction–less than 2%—of all office space in primary office markets, Colliers reports.”

Best Practices: Using Tech To Win The War Against Construction Costs | Bisnow

“How to blunt the impact of rising costs? One way is new technologies. In a business that is traditionally slow to adopt them, many developers and contractors are looking to PropTech to help manage costs.”

The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives in 2020 | NYT

“Tech is in our homes with thermostats that heat up our residences before we walk through the door. It’s in our cars with safety features that warn us about vehicles in adjacent lanes. It’s on our television sets, where many of us are streaming shows and movies through apps. We even wear it on ourselves in the form of wristwatches that monitor our health.”

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