Hospitality, Short Term Rentals, and The Value of Consistency | Nine Four Ventures

“From the short-term rental point of view, the positions that Marriott, Hilton, and other hospitality brands are taking with regards to home-sharing, consistency, and demand, indicate that professionally managed short-term rental companies could be on to something.”

Lightstone leads $8M funding round for appraisal startup Bowery Valuation | The Real Deal

“The New York-based startup, run by former appraisers Noah Isaacs and John Meadows, has raised $27 million since its founding in 2015. Nine Four Ventures and Greenspring Associates also participated in the firm’s latest round, which follows the company’s $12 million Series A earlier this year.”

Digitally Streamlining the Leasing Process | Multifamily Insider | Laramar Group

“The leasing process has significantly evolved over the past two decades thanks to vast technology advancements. But as tech continues to reshape the multifamily landscape, the industry must also continually reexamine the leasing process and resist the temptation to become complacent.”

The Rise of Pop-up Hotels | Urban Land Magazine

“Stay Alfred’s business model has been shifting from leasing individual units in class A downtown apartment buildings in active cities, to master leasing entire floors of such buildings, to leasing full buildings, to entering partnerships with national apartment developers. Stay Alfred has entered into three- to five-year commercial master leases with renewal options and annual rent escalations. Such deals extend beyond normal lease-up periods and create mixed-use buildings in several projects. Some deals extend up to 15 years, says Michael Pearson, the company’s real estate director.”

Cryptocurrency And The Blockchain Could Revolutionize CRE. So Why Aren’t We Using It? | Bisnow

“Blockchain technology unfreezes real estate equity, making it a more feasible investment option for those who need more liquidity in their portfolio. Much of its new technology is just beginning to break on to the real estate investment scene, where it could completely transform the way real estate is traded ⁠— and open the door for many who were previously locked out of the market.”

11 Upcoming Real Estate Trends Poised To Impact Agents And Investors | Forbes

“Developing trends usually take a few years to enter the mainstream and become the norm. Because of this, smart agents and investors keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry so that they can adapt to those trends well before everyone else starts scampering to catch up.

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