The Corporate Challenge | Nine Four Ventures

‘Nine Four believes that for firms in traditional real estate sectors, maintaining the status quo as it pertains to technology testing and adoption is not an option if they want to be successful. It’s a requirement. We frequently have conversations with businesses and individuals looking to wrap their heads around this, and we usually start with the “why’s”, then shift to the “how’s”. The intention of this post is to provide the high level outline for both.’

2020: Three Trends In Protech That Can Propel CRE Forward | Forbes

‘In the past few years, CRE has finally been experiencing the evolution of nascent technologies into more mature tech — and the industry is responding by adopting it. From smart technologies that automate the appraisal process to machine learning that centralizes property or leasing data, and even to the use of drones in construction, commercial real estate is finally starting to catch up to its more nimble cousin, residential real estate.’

CRE Appraisers Spend Nearly Half Their Day On Busywork. One Firm Is Using Tech To Change That | Bisnow via Bowery

‘The appraisal is one of the most important and least understood parts of a commercial real estate transaction. It is often the first item to be ordered in a CRE deal and the last to be delivered, and the process that happens in between can be complex, inefficient and bogged down by endless busywork.’

As WeWork Reveals IPO, CRE Listens For Alarm Bells | Bisnow

‘Other fundamentals, like the company’s valuation and doubt about the kind of company it considers itself, still worry experts. The company’s massive $47B valuation is once again under fire, with analysts pointing out WeWork has been burning cash at an unsustainable rate as it attempts to entrench itself in markets outside of New York, San Francisco and London.’

Smart Tech Pays Off for Multifamily Operators | Multifamily Executive

‘Giving people a choice of tech is also critical at today’s properties. Operators increasingly stress the importance of not locking in a building’s residents to a single internet provider or doing “bulk” deals that force residents onto a given platform, even if service providers try to sweeten the pot up front by installing infrastructure at a property.’


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