Go-to-Market: Find the Wedge | Nine Four Ventures

‘Nine Four Ventures not only appreciates founders taking this approach but also believes many “wedge” opportunities exist in PropTech today across verticals (electrical, flooring, pest control, plumbing, roofing, etc), asset type (commercial office, multi-family, SFR), ownership type (institutional, individual) and use cases (marketing, CRM, payments, etc).’

Cultivated Data is the Next Gold Rush | TechCrunch

‘This new age of cultivated data has created and will create new data aggregators. Instead of traditional startups attempting to disrupt the middleman, these new startups are becoming the middlemen of data insights.’

Off-Site Building Is ‘Ripe’ For AI. But Are These The Robots You’re Looking For?  Bisnow

‘Around the country, prefabrication companies of different scopes and specializations are trying to boost their factory environments by using artificial intelligence.’

The New Frontier That Could Outrun AI And Blockchain: Real Estate Tech | Forbes

‘Real estate touches every part of our lives — our homes, workplaces, where we shop, and even where we try to get away. So it won’t be surprising that real estate was the largest industry in the United States as of 2018. But at a time where technology is at the forefront across all industries, the real estate industry spends less than 1% on information technology.’

As Coworking Conquers Markets, Landlords Wonder How Much Is Too Much | Bisnow

‘Concerns about the model stem back to Regus’ bankruptcy during the 2001 crash. The argument goes that if the economy heads south, small companies and freelancers will go back to working from their couch or the local coffee shop. On the flip side, proponents of coworking and their ilk say offering flexibility will be a blessing, not a curse, in the advent of a recession.’

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