Network Effects | Nine Four Ventures

‘A network effect refers to not only the velocity in which one user joins a network followed by the next subsequent user but also the accumulating value the original user and subsequent new one receive from the data they provide when interacting with the network.’

How Technology Works as a Catalyst in the Evolution of Leasing | Multifamily Executive *Featuring the Laramar Group and Nine Four Ventures

“The biggest thing that we believe here is that when it comes to technology and the existing multifamily leasing workflow, maintaining the status quo is not the recipe for success,” Ramirez says. “There needs to be more of a sense of urgency to go out and adopt and use technology to improve operations and help leasing associates.”

Gen Z is Ready to Disrupt the Multifamily Space | Bisnow

‘By the end of this year, Gen Z, defined by Bloomberg as those born in 1997 and after, will comprise 32% of the global population, Bloomberg reports. The Gen Z classification varies depending on the organization, but most generally define Gen Z as anyone born from the mid-1990s to 2010. There has been no real consensus on the generation’s ending birth years.’

Reduce, reuse, rescoot? A look at e-scooters’ long-term sustainability | Smart Cities Dive

‘With all the wear-and-tear electric scooters sustain, just how long do they last? And what happens at the end of their useful product lives?

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