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Google’s plans for your smart home? More screens

‘Google’s not backing down in the fight for the smart home. On Thursday, the tech company said it’s releasing the first of several home assistant devices with screens slated for the summer.’

Read the full article here: httpss://wapo.st/2AdyquH

Leviton Partners with Pulte On Smart Home Tech
‘The Pulte Smart Home was developed to ensure homeowners have access to solutions suited to support future trends while providing the flexibility to add technology that best fits their individual needs.’

Read the full article here:  httpss://bit.ly/2uXiuHG

Three Thoughts on What’s Ahead in Smart-Home Collaborations
‘Homeowners will have technological conveniences right in their home, technology companies will sell more products, and builders will be able to help their clients with a broader range of services.’

Read the full article here: httpss://bit.ly/2mMLqOb

Will 3D Printing Remodel the Construction Industry?
‘In the more immediate future, 3D printing in construction will extend its role further by popularizing and refining its special applications, such as printed molds or complex components, and keeping pace with ever more complex and ambitious designs.’

Read the full article here: httpss://on.bcg.com/2NQzeHA

Google showed off another human-sounding software bot and its famed scientist insists it won’t kill jobs

‘Google’s management has said that AI is core to the company’s future and mission and leaders are trying to exploit it in retail, autonomous cars, search and advertising. Wall Street analysts have begun to predict big future earnings as a result of AI.’

Read the full article here: httpss://read.bi/2LG9CQo

9 Suggestions for RE Tech Startups

‘Brands that can attract younger agents to begin their careers and meet their technology expectations will be at an advantage – even moreso when those agents’ spheres mature to home buying ages.’

Read the full article here: httpss://bit.ly/2NPEzip

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