The Incumbent Advantage | Nine Four Ventures

‘Fresh off the 2018 Midterm Elections, I would like to talk about the incumbent advantage. But I am not going to be talking about politics here. As we are in the early innings of real estate technology adoption, we are seeing new tech-enabled platforms enter the space. Many of these platforms are challenging the traditional incumbents in the space, ranging from service providers to hardware to property management systems. Some of these groups have been around for decades and are deeply engrained in the property management industry.’

New Research Shows Which Parts of the World Have the Most PropTech Innovation | Propmodo

‘If you sit at a table with a number of people in the PropTech industry, it is only a matter of time before the topic turns to where the industry’s innovations are coming from. Many say Silicon Valley has dominated the PropTech industry much as it has the general tech world.’

Are master systems integrators the missing link to mass-market smart buildings? | Smart Cities Dive

‘While today’s building systems are digital and have been for decades, they are underutilized and operating in isolation. Building owners do not realize the full benefit of the capabilities — and more importantly, the data — behind their digital building systems.’

The impact of big data and AI on real estate | Innovation Enterprise

How digital assistants are easing real estate transactions | Realty Biz News

‘A deal struck this week between Zego and S2 Capital will link smart home devices to more than 30,000 apartments in the next three years.’

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