These 6 Upstarts Are Reprogramming the Future–Starting With Microbes, Daycare, and Scooters | Inc

‘…six great companies–and their inspiring founders–are reinventing everything from sports data to delivering medical supplies.’

How 5G Speeds Could Zap Real Estate Into the Future | RISMedia

‘4G will be taking a back seat in the coming years, as 5G comes closer and closer to becoming a reality. What could 5G do for the industry? Cutting-edge tech that hasn’t yet been developed to its full capacity for real estate, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, could become more heavily intertwined in agents’ and consumers’ day-to-day activities.’

4 Ways Real Estate and Mortgage Will Transform by 2020 | Realty Biz News

‘Today, searching for and buying a new home is much different than in times past. With a wealth of data at buyers’ fingertips, the entire buying process is changing. As a result, agents have to readjust their tactics to meet the growing needs of today’s buyer.’

Money pours into technology as real estate industry sees the light | Real Estate Weekly

‘In the PropTech market, an unprecedented $12.6 billion worth of venture funding has flowed into the coffers of startups and businesses, kickstarting a catalyst that innovators and businesses both say will likely transform both real estate technology and the industry itself.’

Technology Will Provide The Edge To Make Urban Real Estate Scalable | Forbes

‘In the real estate sector, sharpened analytics translates to an increase in volume, accuracy and relevance of insights. And as big data continues to gain a foothold in urban settlements (leading to the creation of so-called smart city movements), it is expected that these insights will gain more depth and relevance.’

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