Multifamily Marketing: The Missing Links | Nine Four Ventures

‘Marketing professionals in today’s multifamily space can all agree that standing out is a full-time job. Understanding where processes can be more streamlined may potentially answer some fundamental questions when building technology around this category. In a space dominated by Yardi and RealPage, where are the missing links and how can startups focus on filling the gaps?’

What Real Estate Tech To Keep An Eye On This Year | Chipin

‘Staying on top of technology trends will always be essential to succeed in the real estate industry. Society’s relationship with technology plays out in workplaces and homes, where individuals usually encounter and embrace new tech. As driving forces in helping individuals find those workplaces and homes, real estate agents must understand the role technology plays in modern life more than most.’

Developing Blockchain Has The Potential To Aid Real Estate Transactions | Urbanland

‘Despite all the hype about blockchain, in which databases exist in the form of encrypted copies distributed across many users, it has not yet emerged as a game-changer in the real estate sector. But even if the revolution is a bit behind schedule, speakers at the 2018 ULI Fall Meeting in Boston said that the technology has the potential to significantly increase the speed and reduce the costs of real estate transactions, as well as make investments safer and more liquid.’

The Top Emerging Trends That Will Shape Real Estate in 2019 | Curbed

‘It’s complicated. In the course of compiling its annual Emerging Trends report, the Urban Land Institute found that the only certainty in its outlook for 2019 was uncertainty. Expert analysis points to a more complex, multi-layered series of overlapping trends, with unpredictable results, as opposed to a few strong narratives.’

5 Ways That Real Estate Has Misunderstood Co-Working | Propmodo

‘The property market will need to adapt and evolve to this challenge of meeting consumer demands in a way it has never had to do so before. The flexible workspace market provides space to its clients on their terms – flexible pricing, length of stay, choice of location, buying online and, yes, even free beer! Space blends with service and is then packaged up as a single product. This is the fast-moving end of the property market where the customer (not the tenant) is right, and the end-product has been created for a specific user-base.’


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