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The Scooter Effect

‘…given the implications that mobility has for real estate, we believe that real estate owners and operators should pay close attention to how mobility networks can impact the demand for properties, particularly in those areas that previously didn’t have great mobility solutions.’

3 Proptech Investors Talk Trends, Game-Changers And The Future Of Real Estate

“Leaders who can recruit a talented team and have a firm grasp on the market, a clear vision and the wherewithal to know how and when to make changes is table stakes. Building a successful, legendary technology is incredibly hard, and layering on the nuances of the real estate industry makes it even more so, that a team that’s anything less than great is too much for us to get over.” – Kurt Ramirez | Nine Four Ventures

We Work Acquires Software Company Software Company To Beef Up Software-As-A-Service Capabilities

‘Powered by We helps clients find space and offers software to manage building operations. It also provides data on the efficiency of the space and arranges custom office decor, TechCrunch reports. Not only does WeWork want to provide space to its clients, if possible, it wants to sell other services to them while they are there.’

Tech Job Growth Continues To Create Demand For Office Space

‘Overall, between 20 and 25 percent of current office leasing activity is related to technology jobs, particularly computer and mathematics occupations…’

New Platform Uses Distributed Ledger Technology To Bring Together World’s Richest Real Estate Buyers

‘Using the Hashgraph technology will not only allow the platform to have complete transparency for the documentation of each deal, it will also create fractional ownership opportunities.’

Zillow Settles On Newest City For It’s Homebuying Program

‘The Seattle-based listings giant will now be able to buy homes directly, prepare them for showings and list them for resale in the Georgia capital, according to the company.’

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