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Nine Four Ventures invests in companies that are challenging the real estate industry and questioning its every facet. The fund leverages 30 years of experience owning and operating real estate and a network of industry influencers to provide portfolio companies capital, a customer base, strategic guidance, and an opportunity to efficiently pilot and roll out products. By owning, managing, and investing in real estate directly, we can be customers ourselves and advocates for others to be as well.


SaaS: Gateway to FinTech Fund Flows

SaaS and payments and even lending represent other combinations contributing to the creation of deep activity systems leading to bigger addressable markets, expedited growth and greater differentiation.

Weekly Reads

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Remote Work: Technology Solutions to Transition

With the current state of worldwide health concerns due to COVID-19, many companies are leaning (or will eventually be forced) towards changing their day-to-day communication strategy by asking employees to work from home. With so many uncertainties, how will people adjust, and what companies will…

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