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Why We Invested: Bungalow

Nine Four is excited to announce our latest follow-on investment in Bungalow’s $75M Series C led by Deer Park Road, with participation by Atomic, Coatue,

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PropTech: A Remedy For The Lonely?

Companies specifically targeted to advance and contribute to how humans live within the built world, can have a tremendous impact on a path to a healthy, fulfilled life.

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Branch Office Furniture and the Disruption of an Antiquated Space

Branch, a digitally native office furniture solution and new Nine Four portfolio company, has entered the market to simplify the process, offering direct-to-business furniture with the guidance, flexibility, and the quality that growing companies require, all at an extremely affordable price.

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Space-as-a-service Cost Structures

Over the past few years, PropTech has experienced an explosion of space-as-a-service startups. These businesses are optimizing real estate assets and re-inventing how employers manage their offices, employees travel and people rent their living space.

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Co-living: The Human Perspective

At Nine Four Ventures, we are excited for this sector to take flight. There will be endless conversations about the pros and cons for both the owners/developers and renters but as I see it, the value it will provide to the diverse demographic of today’s renters will be invaluable.

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The Future of Work’s Impact on Real Estate

The Future of Work – that is, the new paradigm of interactions between workers, jobs or employment arrangements, and their physical/virtual workspaces – has significant implications for the Real Estate sector.

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