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PropTech for CRE Office Tenants

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Nine Four Ventures works with our Partners to recommend the best-in class real estate technologies that might be helpful to their process. Last time, I focused on multi-family developer partners. In this post, I’m going to focus on PropTech suggestions for CRE office tenants.

If you’re an enterprise considering how you might use PropTech to help increase your operational efficiencies, here are some companies to take a look at:

Site Selection: BeyondHQ, a Nine Four portfolio company, offers a geo location insights platform to help real estate and talent leaders evaluate the right markets for distributed offices and teams. Its ‘always on’ platform ingests and processes vast amounts of data from a variety of public and private sources, to enable market-specific insights on talent availability, costs, rent trends, flights, quality of life, and much more, so that Real Estate & HR leaders can save time and costs when opening new offices or building remote teams.

Design & Development: Saltmine is a data-driven workplace design platform for enterprises. Its software allows customers to optimize their real estate portfolio, iterate on their ideal workplace, and ultimately design a workplace tailored to the needs of their workforce, making the most efficient use of their space. Customers have used Saltmine to optimize over 50M Square Feet of real estate to date.

Ai/Predictive Analytics: Vergesense and Density are integrated hardware sensor and workplace analytics platforms providing real-time seat and room utilization data. VergeSense and Density provide utilization data to help their enterprise customers make better near term (ie keep employees safe during COVID-19) and long term (ie downsize or expand) real estate decisions.

Operations & Management: Envoy is a workforce management platform that gives enterprises control over everything happening in their office. Envoy helps ensure employees are healthy and safe, allows virtual check in for visitors, helps manage deliveries and packages, allows for booking of conference rooms and desks, and more. Envoy customers include Slack, Verizon, Spotify, Uber, Unilever, Nike, Peloton, Coca-Cola, PWC, Barclays, Roche, and many others.

Furniture: Branch Furniture, a Nine Four portfolio company, is a vertically-integrated B2B office furniture company that offers exceptional quality for less than half the price of competitors. Its full stack platform removes furniture “middlemen” (i.e. brokers/dealers) and provides curated search, online purchasing, fast delivery & assembly, inventory management, and hassle-free pick up and refurbishment for enterprise customers.

As always, these suggestions will vary depending on your firm, so if you’re an enterprise looking to adopt real estate technology, please reach out so we can help tailor recommendations for you!

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