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Photo Documentation Management | Nine Four Ventures

“… photo documentation has become the standard method of capturing this information, particularly as cameras are becoming smaller, faster, cheaper and better. The existing photo-taking workflow typically requires hours of manually taking pictures, uploading, foldering and saving them in offline, uncollaborative environments.”

More seniors are living alone. Stop blaming them for the housing crisis | Curbed

“… since the financial crisis, this cycle of homeownership has come to a halt, and baby boomers who “won’t move,” particularly those who live alone in houses that could otherwise be home to multiple people, are often blamed. This chokes off the number of available homes for sale, the homes that are for sale are subject to bidding wars, and the price of housing rises as inventory drops.”

Forget WeWork’s Woes, Research Shows Most Flexible Offices Are Turning A Profit | Bisnow

“The ginormous losses unveiled by WeWork during its IPO process last year linger long in the mind. But new research shows that a large majority of flexible offices around the world are actually turning a profit.

However, how you configure your flexible office makes a big difference to revenue, according to the global annual flexible office benchmark report compiled by Workthere, the flexible office advisory brand of Savills.”

Prepare For Elevators That Move Sideways, Spiral Escalators And Robots Riding Lifts | Bisnow

“Elevators and escalators get little fanfare in the commercial development space, but some new technology may make you sit up and pay attention.

From cableless elevators that go every which way, to escalators that spiral up to top floors and elevators designed exclusively for use by robots, the future is on the rise.”

Technology is poised to upend America’s property market | The Economist

“Technology also promises to make moving home quicker, easier and cheaper. As recently as 2012 venture capitalists invested just tens of millions of dollars in property technology, or “prop tech”, each year. By 2019 that had climbed to $6bn. The four biggest prop-tech firms, Compass, Opendoor, Redfin and Zillow, have a combined valuation of $23bn.”

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