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Real Estate Technology for the Wary

As I attend industry events, meet with brilliant real estate practitioners and learn more about how they feel about the vast technology offerings in the space, I am hearing a very common concern: where do we begin?

As real estate technology is propelled into an all-time high, with an estimated 1,750 startups, how do companies keep up and who do they/should they trust?  Today it’s nearly impossible to attend a real estate conference that doesn’t include a panel highlighting the importance of innovation, and while the majority of the industry sees its value, where does one begin and how is it done right?

Through our vertically integrated structure, as a VC and through our partners that own and operate a variety of real estate asset types, we have a precise understanding of the hardships real estate teams face when trying to meet budgets, increase their bottom line and see returns on investments, while trying to keep up with new industry standards.

Enter the Nine Four Ventures Partner Network: we are building this network to provide industry leaders the tools, connections and knowledge to make informed decisions for their portfolios, clientele, tenants and teams.  Through our deep understanding of the PropTech space and 30+ years of traditional real estate experience, we are eager to share our knowledge with our network while learning from others, building strong introductions and assisting with the continued growth of our massive industry.

The integration of technology can trigger a fear of the unknown in a space where familiar, monotonous procedures feel safe.

Some broad but common concerns/questions we’re hearing are:If any of these strike a chord, we’d love to connect and provide guidance.  In the coming months, members of the Nine Four Partner Network will be given direct access to our team, gain access to our partner portal highlighting new and disruptive companies, case studies from our Pilot Program, market maps and introductions to incredible founders and companies that have potential to add great value to their businesses.  We hope to demystify the proptech space and create open lines of communications, benefiting all involved.

Learn more about the network here – we look forward to connecting!

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