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Vertical Proof | Nine Four Ventures

‘Our tech forward commercial partner, the Laramar Group, believes that proptech is a fundamental component of its current and future operations. Through this philosophy Nine Four Ventures was forged, and as VCs we feel fortunate to be truly categorized as vertically integrated.’

What CRE Owners Must Consider To Acquire And Retain Occupants | Forbes

‘CRE technology has historically been built to help in occupant acquisition, that is, getting potential residents and tenants in the door, showing them a unit and trying to close the deal. Until recently, there has been little focus and commitment to developing tech that ensures that once occupants are in the door, information, events and experiences are considered and offered that will keep them happy and engaged.’

300 Million Reasons Why Co-Living Is Coming to America | Propmodo

‘Three hundred million dollars is a lot of money, but small in comparison to the size of the total rental market in the U.S. While this alone might not be enough to make co-living a “significant” piece of the housing landscape, it could be the catalyst for a demand shift towards these types of flexible living arrangements. As more people come into contact with useful innovations, there is often a snowball effect on demand.’

Could modular construction be an answer to the housing crisis? | CRETech

‘Technological innovations are also set to transform modular homes further, such as a 3D injection process inspired by aerospace industries that would allow for stronger, lighter panels that can be flatpacked – and far more easily transported’

The Race to Create the Coolest Smart Home Devices Is Hotter Than Ever | The New York Times

‘Forrester predicts that more than 66 million households in the United States will have smart speakers by 2022, up from 26 million in 2018. The number of homes with other smart devices, like refrigerators, vacuums, yard irrigation systems, and door locks, will more than double to 26.7 million in 2022 — or about 20 percent of households in the United States — from 12.2 million in 2018, Forrester projects.’

Office Building Parking Space Needs The Flexibility To Become Something Else | Bisnow

‘As commuting patterns change, most office buildings will probably need less parking space. For office developers, that means the parking space they build now has to be flexible enough to become something else later.’

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