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Vertical Proof

Our tech forward commercial partner, the Laramar Group, believes that proptech is a fundamental component of its current and future operations. Through this philosophy Nine Four Ventures was forged, and as VCs we feel fortunate to be truly categorized as vertically integrated. We work in tandem with Laramar to provide tangible, informed advantages when it comes to making investments and selecting and deploying technology. Some of our team, myself included, come directly from Laramar and have seen this from the ground level. This, along with insight provided directly from Laramar’s operations team, direct access to a diverse portfolio spanning 20 markets, a variety of industry experts, and a massive real estate network, allow us to create value for the tech companies we work with.

Laramar’s forward thinking has led to the creation of divisional (ie. construction, marketing, maintenance etc.) committees to test and evaluate new technologies. Committees are comprised of seasoned leaders who assess concepts that will enhance and advance processes, platforms and hardware in the multifamily space. Not only will this provide Laramar true insight as to how these innovations will benefit its national portfolio, it will also provide valuable operational feedback to proptech startups looking to test their products in a real-world environment.

When selecting companies to test, Laramar looks for thoughtful, innovative startups with advanced problem-solving platforms, products, or services that will update/improve systems, procedures and improve quality of life for its residents. Some of the items committees evaluate include the resident facing rollout, ease of use, demand and pricing. Additionally, it provides us at Nine Four Ventures true insight as to how these startups operate and if they are truly scalable.

Laramar understands the true value of proptech, where it stands and where it will lead us. Through its internal initiatives, implementations and promise of an advanced technology stack, the portfolio stands as a strong competitor ready for the future. We look forward to the continued work with them to help create strength and advancement within our industry.

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