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Nine Four Ventures 2019 Outlook | Nine Four Ventures

‘Given the uncertainties surrounding the recent broader global economic performance and real estate market outlook, PropTech is at an interesting fork in the road. There looks to be a divergence occurring between the ambiguous outlook for and performance of traditional real estate assets and the increasing number of exciting real estate software or tech-enabled companies being created.’

7 Property Management Technology Trends to Look out for This Year | Propmodo

‘Building owners, property managers and building engineers alike have scrambled to replace outdated business operations, decision making models and equipment in an effort to deploy innovations that will cut operational costs, improve tenant relations, increase energy efficiency and boost overall asset value. ‘

Anatomy of a Smart City | Visual Capitalist

‘As cities become an even more important driver of the global economy and wealth, it’s becoming crucial to ensure that they are optimized to maximize efficiency and sustainability, while enhancing the quality of life in each urban conglomeration’

Debunking The Three Myths Of Commercial Real Estate Technology | Forbes

‘As with anything rooted in mythological thinking, knowledge is essential for progression beyond harmful ways of the past. The CRE industry is poised to benefit from virtually all new technologies that will only continue to harness the power of the data-driven insights that are essential for increased efficiency and productivity.’

Four Influential Factors That Will Impact The Future Of Housing | Forbes

‘Real estate investors can get caught in a trap of not thinking much beyond their next flip or their next rental acquisition. However, as we close out 2018 and look forward to a new year, it’s a good time to think bigger — even beyond just a one-year or five-year period to gain a better understanding of long-term demographic shifts and investment opportunities that could shape your portfolio well into the future.’

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Why We Re-Invested in Inspectify

We’re excited to announce our follow on investment in Inspectify’s new $5.76M round led by customer and strategic investor Fundrise. Nine Four Ventures is excited

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