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Modular Homes | Nine Four Ventures

‘What if there actually was a viable solution that could theoretically reduce the price of a home and make financing options more readily available? The answer could be modular home building.’

The Tech-Multifamily Connection | MHN

‘As the tech industry takes an increasingly prominent role in the economy, contenders beyond the established tech hubs are bidding to get into the game.’

Three Ways AI Can Create Healthier Real Estate Solutions | Forbes

‘Today’s real estate projects can use artificial intelligence (AI) to offer health-focused solutions that include better safety, data-driven comfort and sustainability for consumers.’

Airbnb Will Test Prototype Homes Next Year | Washington Post

‘Airbnb announced Thursday that it will begin testing prototype homes as soon as next year to accommodate the needs of owners or occupants who rent and share living spaces.’

Crafting the Best Tenant Experience Requires Creativity and Caution | Propmodo

‘Increasingly, buildings – from offices to multifamily – are being designed and operated with the idea that the most important aspect is the experience of the end user, the tenant. But understanding what a tenant wants and how to give it to them isn’t always straightforward.’

5 Basic Things You Need To Know About Contech | Forbes

‘The gains to be had from innovating this massive and mostly untouched sector are enormous. Engendering disruptive change in construction is going to be challenging as it will require a multitude of conservative stakeholders and regulators to buy into it. ‘

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