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The Connected Building and Smart Apartment: Where do Landlords Start?

‘Starting small allows owners and managers to acclimate to the new technology, but it must be done with the future in mind: if an owner decides to expand devices and service offerings, anything added must integrate with existing selections.’

The Future of Money in Real Estate

‘New technology and processes offer a bright future for real estate, making homeownership and wealth possible for more people. The advent of new models means greater speed, convenience, and security along with lower costs for everyone involved in real estate transactions.’

Comcast Dives Deeper Into Smart Home With Voice-Activated Smart Lock Partnership

‘Comcast integrated Yale Locks and Hardware into its “Works with Xfinity” program so that you can remotely lock and unlock doors with the Xfinity Home mobile app, or just use voice commands if they have the latest remote control.’

Smart Workplaces Reach Peak Hype

‘Gartner picked out one element of the idea of the smart workplace as one of its four trends to watch, the idea that technology will be integrated with day-to-day life to create “transparently immersive experiences”. Gartner posits that smart workplaces will be with us in the next five to 10 years.’

Millennials Are So Last Year: Commercial Real Estate Developers Build With Gen Z In Mind

‘Technology will continue to play a big role in the continued desire to live seamlessly, including hands-free technology to handle basic tasks, including turning off the lights, changing temperatures and entering the apartment.’

10 plant-covered buildings that point to a greener future

‘Architects are touting plant-covered tower blocks as a way to tackle air pollution and improve the quality of urban life.’

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