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Smart Lighting:  Is it Worth it?

‘On the surface, smart lighting seems like a relatively simple and easy way to “smarten” your communities. Just screw in a smart light bulb or add a smart outlet! However, this is a category where there is more than one route to take, all with different pros and cons.’

Bringing blockchain to real estate: Q&A

‘Real estate is not a zero-sum game with one player poised to control all. With a basic foundation in place, there are wonderfully innovative companies that will add value within their respective niches ensuring that the buying and selling of such an important asset is accomplished with efficiency, accuracy and transparency.’

These Tech Companies Are Fueling The Do-It-Yourself Renting Craze

‘Multifamily developers expect the leasing process to become entirely automated in the foreseeable future, with potential renters being able to tour buildings using augmented reality, screen their IDs and pay their deposits electronically — all without the help of an on-site leasing agent.’

Startups Turning Office Market Upside Down by Offering Short-Term Leases

‘This fast-growing corner of the commercial real-estate market is shaking up the often-staid business of office rentals by shifting some of the power to newer, more nimble firms.’

How Real Estate Offices Can Connect With Clients In An Omnichannel World

‘Real estate is evolving at a rapid pace. On one end of the spectrum will be those players who don’t adapt, while on the other will be those who attempt to redefine their business to compete with every new market entrant.’


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