Branding For The Now | Nine Four Ventures

“With the consideration that the brand itself is an asset, how can PropTech startups look to build undeniably strong brand recognition, and what impact will it have for them as they grow? As it becomes undeniably apparent that consumers and enterprises are expecting more than ever (whether it be experiential, hyper-targeted, or disruptive), building a brand with purpose is becoming more relevant than ever. Here, I will highlight areas of importance when developing a compelling and respected brand.”

Co-living Grows Up | The New York Times *Featuring Bungalow

“For several years, co-living companies have been popping up, providing a fast, streamlined alternative in the form of fully furnished, move-in-ready rooms in shared apartments.”

5G and Real Estate — Will 2020 Be the Year 5G Goes Big in CRE? | Million Acres

“As a result, the rollout of 5G, which will become more pronounced in 2020, will have major implications for the commercial real estate sector. That’s because instead of primarily utilizing macro cell towers like the current 4G system, it will rely on smaller antennas spaced closer together since the wave signals don’t travel as far. This shift in infrastructure will affect commercial real estate operators, who will need to adapt to this new technology.”

Is Peloton a Fitness Fad or a Tech Company? Everything’s Riding on the Answer | The Wall Street Journal

“Peloton’s internet-driven exercise scheme underpins the company’s fundamental pitch: That at its core, it’s a tech company, not just another get-fit program. It’s a premise that has powered many upstarts in recent years: Uber is a tech company, not a taxi company; WeWork’s a tech company, not a real-estate company; Tesla’s a tech company, not a car company.”

How Will Tech Influence Property Management Marketplaces? | Forbes

“According to a daVinci Payments (formerly Swift Prepaid Solutions) survey, renters ages 18-29 outnumber every other rental group combined, and those renters are looking at the quality of their experience. This means that by offering services such as the ability to pay rent over a mobile device, which 71% are accustomed to, and giving discounts for booking services on a rental platform will make turnover far less likely.”

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