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CRE Smart Access Management

It’s no surprise the traditional paradigm of working from the office every day of the week is gone. Fortunately, in 2020, we have tools such as Zoom, Slack, and DocuSign, for example, that allow us to communicate with each other and maintain acceptable productivity levels.

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SmartRent Series C

Nine Four Ventures is excited to announce its follow-on investment in SmartRent’s $60M Series C round led by Spark Capital and with participation of Bain Capital Ventures, RET Ventures, Fifth Wall, Energy Impact Partners, and the Amazon Alexa Fund.

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The Sustainability Shift

Building a sustainable brand in today’s eco-conscious climate is something real estate companies can no longer ignore. Not only do renters and owners expect it,

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Self Tours

The concept of self-touring (a prospective renter or home buyer tours the property on their own, without an agent) has been around for a long time, but with the help of smart locks, smart home devices, and software integrations, we are seeing the true potential of self-touring.

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Baby Steps: CRE’s Energy Efficient Future

To achieve the goal of reducing the globe’s net greenhouse gas emissions to zero percent by 2050, we need the vast majority of commercial property owners to become more energy efficient with a focus on renewable energy sources.

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