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Blurring the lines of PropTech | Nine Four Ventures

“While people all over the world speculate how we will return to normalcyhow life as we know it will changehow and which companies will survive, and how bad this is going to get – there is one thing we all know for sure, we are home for the foreseeable future. We are home, and whether alone or with loved ones, this is a new normal.  As we sink into the reality of the pandemic, there is consistent looming anxiety mixed with opportunistic outlooks as well as a willingness for change and triumph.”

30 startups creating the future of work that will prosper in 2020, according to VCs | Business Insider *Featuring BeyondHQ

“We wanted to find the startups that are already transforming the future of work, defining the new ways in which people are doing their everyday jobs. We reached out to a select group of venture capitalists with enterprise bets in their portfolios and asked them to name the startups that are positioned to have very good years.”

Remote construction workers? This is the Zoom of the building sector | ZDNet *Featuring OpenSpace

“Even prior to the current pandemic,” says Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of OpenSpace and an industry expert, whom I reached out to for insights, “we were beginning to see wider adoption of digital tools on jobsites, including those that enable remote work, like photo documentation. It’s likely that the situation we’re in now will lead to an acceleration in the adoption of these types of technologies, but this is the direction that the industry was heading in regardless.”

What I’ve Learned As A CEO Managing Remote Teams | Branch

“Over the course of only a few of weeks, the world as we know it has shifted. It’s affected the way we interact, the way we shop and eat, and the way we work. No longer allowed to go to our offices, millions of people are now working from home, most for the first time ever.   This swift change has resulted in incredible disruption not only for newly-remote employees, but also for their managers. Maintaining a distributed team thrusts an entirely new set of concerns and priorities on a manager, and developing the tools to deal with them can be difficult. Maintaining morale and motivation, although always important, has become an essential priority, on par with keeping day-to-day business operations running.”

Built Technologies Launches Portfolio Monitoring Solution for Construction Lenders Amid Covid-19 | Built

Built announces a limited version of its flagship Construction Loan Administration software to help lenders that are struggling to manage their construction and renovation loans in light of the Covid-19 crisis. This product was designed for lenders that are not already working with Built but it will benefit existing clients too, as the software includes new tools for managing emerging risks.”

Revamping Sales and Marketing for the Social Distancing Era | American Express *Featuring Branch

“The coronavirus and new social distancing mandates have shut down many traditional sales and marketing strategies. However, some small businesses have found unique ways to adapt and pivot in response to COVID-19.”

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