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Scooters as a Service | Nine Four Ventures

‘Nine Four Ventures believes scooters and micromobility solutions are going to be meaningful part of our everyday lives. A partnership with real estate operators can potentially result in less complaints from the community and increase operating margins for scooter operators, while property owners can provide scooters as a service and increase the experience of their residents.’

Predictive Analytics is CRE’s Holy Grail | CRETech

‘You’ll hear the term “predictive analytics” (PA) used far and wide in a variety of sectors right now—business, intelligence, healthcare, and yes, commercial real estate, too. At our recent CRETech San Fran event, when we asked panelists for thoughts on the most important, impactful technology in CRE, CTOs of the largest brokerage firms universally agreed on predictive analytics. And while none of the firms use PA yet, every firm had begun working toward integrating PA into the core fabric of it’s business.’

Google Details Major New York Expansion | Wall Street Journal

‘Google said it would lease a large office building at 550 Washington St. in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood and make it the centerpiece of its new 1.7 million-square-foot Hudson Square Campus. Google plans to invest $1 billion in capital improvements to the campus, which will also include two nearby buildings at 315 and 345 Hudson Street.’

How building owners are seeking new sources of capital via blockchain | The Real Deal

‘Real estate’s much-anticipated affair with blockchain technology seems to be becoming a reality.

Just as investors in real estate investment trusts can buy shares that represent an ownership stake in a piece of large trophy assets, a digital security token offering functions much the same way. The difference for tokens is that distributed ledger technology is used to record the transaction, and any subsequent transactions on a blockchain.’

How The Forward March of Technology Impacts Real Estate Transactions | Forbes

‘No machine or technological advancement will replace solid, honest and trusted human advice. This means that we can all be confident that technology and human interaction within the real estate industry can be coupled together effectively, representing a perfect marriage.’

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