COVID as a Catalyst | Nine Four Ventures

“As financial impacts of COVID-19 continue to work their way through the global economy, we’re beginning to see separations in how different real estate incumbents are thinking about, and adopting, technology. Something we often communicate to real estate incumbents is that having a focus on technology and keeping a pulse on developing trends and startups is hard. Despite what most real estate owners think, just because they own a lot of properties doesn’t necessarily mean startups will come (at least not the best ones).”

How AI and remote collaboration tools could help the construction industry get back to work | Venture Beat | *Featuring OpenSpace 

OpenSpace uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically create navigable 360-degree photos of construction sites. The San Francisco-based company’s software works in tandem with a 360-degree camera, which builders and site managers can strap to their hard hats to document the evolution of a site. OpenSpace captures all the imagery and uploads it to the cloud before tapping computer vision and machine intelligence to organize the photos, stitch them together, and map them to project plans.”

The Biggest Threat (And Opportunity) Facing The Commercial Real Estate Industry… | Michael Beckerman | *Featuring SmartRent

GreyStar’s partnership with Google Home and Amazon investing in SmartRent are good signs that the real estate and tech sectors understand the advantages of partnering with big tech. There are indeed a few large, forward-thinking landlords that are embracing and working closely with big tech as several have shared with me the partnership pilots they are working on with many of these giants.”

The Tools That Will Power The Remote Work Revolution | Forbes | *Featuring BeyondHQ

“When workers are empowered to work in any location, massive socioeconomic benefits result, like diversity, environmental sustainability, and economic development. But what this event signifies is something even more impactful — innovation isn’t locked in Silicon Valley anymore.”

To Share or Not to Share (a desk) | BeyondHQ

“As we currently work-from-home and think about returning to work, this inevitable question persists: Once we return to the office post-COVID 19-easing, what will happen to these shared-desk programs? Will companies completely abandon these programs that they have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to roll out? Should they? Will we return to the office and see rows and rows of workstations collecting dust? I think it is pretty safe to say that (for the most part), no one will be sharing a desk for awhile.”

Silicon Valley’s Next Big Office Idea: Work From Anywhere | WSJ

“Some executives see advantages in the shift to remote work, such as accelerating tech companies’ efforts to spread their workforces beyond the West Coast hubs of Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. Soaring property prices and cost-of-living in those regions have made it ever harder to find enough talent, and fueled criticism that the tech giants have made the areas unaffordable.”

Returning to Office Survey | Branch

The team at Branch is running a survey of employee sentiment toward reopening the workplace. Take a few minutes and share your point of view!


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