Tech Enabled, Vertically Integrated General Contractors | Nine Four Ventures

‘General contractors play a critical role in the built world. They are the stakeholders in charge of managing construction projects of all shapes and sizes and making sure those jobs are completed according to plan and on time. Yet their productivity has stagnated.’

Stay Alfred CEO Jordan Allen on rewards and multifamily platforms | Short Term Rentalz

‘For owners/developers, the master lease model is attractive because we allow developers and owners to instantly eliminate vacancy loss for the duration of the lease while guaranteeing monthly rents without the operating expense burden of turns, vacancy loss or marketing.’

Proptech makes its mark in Spokane | Spokane Journal

‘Stay Alfred rocked the short-term rental market when it came on the scene in 2011 with its innovative property rental platform geared toward professionals. Vice president of technology Roth Fouty says, “With any technology, it’s constantly changing. Tech comes out so fast anymore, you can’t stop.” Stay Alfred sits somewhere in between the traditional long-term and short-term housing markets, he says. Fouty says Stay Alfred’s technology could be adopted easily in other segments of the market.’

Infrastructure REITs Towering Over the 5G Economy | Forbes

‘Over the next decade, wireless applications powered by fifth-generation (5G) network technologies are expected to disrupt nearly every sector of the economy, requiring massive investments in communications infrastructure.’

Adult Proms, Yoga And A Yacht: Sharing Is Caring In The New Co-Living Paradigm | Bisnow

‘Many co-living developments are situated in urban and dense coastal markets where there is a high cost of living, expensive housing and job opportunities.’

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