A collection of articles from around the web curated by the Nine Four Ventures team

How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Market
‘The technology is out there, but until now, the desire to migrate from the traditional way of doing things has been sporadic…’

Tech is the Catalyst for the Service of Real Estate
‘Investors, owners and stakeholders cannot afford to be complacent about their business models. They must endeavor to get ahead of the curve.’

PropTech Today: What do Rightmove and WeWork have in common?
‘The success of WeWork is a direct result of its business model, a model built very much for the 21st Century. Agree or disagree with its methods and the persona that it displays to the world, its continued growth and fluidity is mighty impressive.’

Blockchain Technology to Establish Better Transactions in Real Estate
‘The blockchain brings a total shift from the traditional ways of performing real estate transactions. It puts trusts and authority in the distributed system instead of in a centralized institution.’

Canadian Cities Rank Highly in Attracting Tech Talent
‘Toronto ranks as North America’s fourth-largest tech talent market, with 241,400 tech workers; an increase of 51.5 per cent during the past five years. Toronto added 26,900 tech jobs in 2017, which was the most of any North American city.’

Capturing Resident Spend in Multifamily
‘A multifamily owner’s dream is to capture more of the dollars that are spent within their buildings, and attract more spend that doesn’t currently happen in their buildings.’


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