Furniture as a Service | Nine Four Ventures

‘Today’s modern workplace is shifting towards a more dynamic, fast changing and disparate environment. As a result, high growth startups need to keep up and provide the newest and best office amenities to keep employee retention high and churn low in this competitive recruiting marketplace.’

Four Proptech Advances That Are Changing The Way We Interact With Physical Space | Forbes

‘We will continue seeing incredible advancements in proptech, and there’s no reason we need to wait. Tenants should all be demanding more from their landlords, real estate builders and property designers. By pushing the boundaries, we can all make a fast transition to the high-tech lifestyles we desire.’

WeWork Takes Another Step Toward IPO, Seeks $2.7B Line Of Credit | Bisnow

‘The We Company, parent of WeWork, is apparently taking another step toward its long-anticipated initial public offering by entering into negotiations with banks about arranging a $2.75B line of credit.’

High-Tech Tools And Greater Efficiencies Could Combat The Rise In Construction Costs | Bisnow

‘Technology can also help reduce costs. Artificial intelligence has become a common catchphrase, but she believes the impact it will have on construction is unappreciated.’

Co-Living Looks to Scale | NMHC

‘Part of the reason the industry is paying so much attention to the growth of co-living is that the model promises to deliver significant rent and net operating income (NOI) premiums. By increasing density in the units and renting by the bedroom, operators are able to secure higher per square foot rents even as residents benefit from lower rents.’

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