Self Tours | Nine Four Ventures

‘The concept of self-touring (a prospective renter or home buyer tours the property on their own, without an agent) has been around for a long time, but with the help of smart locks, smart home devices, and software integrations, we are seeing the true potential of self-touring.’

Beyond The Bio: 16 Questions With Stay Alfred Co-Founder/CEO Jordan Allen | Bisnow

‘Stay Alfred is a flexible accommodations firm that offers upscale travel residences in prime downtown neighborhoods; it has over 1.5M SF under management. The company offers property developers and owners a “master lease” model for short-term rentals, including individual leases, partial building leases, full-building leases and national partnerships with developers.’

In Proptech, Infrastructure is Key | GlobeSt

‘Building technologies, so-called proptech, are advancing exponentially. Indeed, it can be a struggle to keep pace with the new and varying innovations rolling out almost every day. In the midst of this struggle, the Chicago-based Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is making major strides in the education and timeliness of members’ understanding of these changes.’

Coliving’s Historic Rise to Modern Prominence | CRETech

Coliving provides a ready solution; it enables more residents to occupy less square footage in areas where physical space is at a premium and property values are high. “Ten tenants willing to share a living room, after all, means they need less relaxing space in their unit, leaving more room for other units, which can in turn, be rented by more tenants,” says journalist Kate Worthington.’

Trending Technologies: The Roadmap To AI In Proptech | Forbes

‘The foundation of AI is already in place with CRM systems collecting more data along the customer journey. And automation is already helping agencies save time and deliver a better customer experience. As we move more and more to meaningful AI, we will see PropTech solutions start to deliver new and improved agency services for both buyers, sellers and tenants.’

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