Construction Payment Automation | Nine Four Ventures

‘There are >3.5M licensed contractors in the US. Those vendors borrow $1 trillion per year to buy the materials they need from suppliers. However, of the $1 trillion that exchanges hands in the US construction industry every year, $100 billion goes unpaid. That’s billion with a B! Why does this happen? The status quo is a manual process without simple software tools to automate workflows.’

Four Ways Technology Can Help CRE Lenders | National Real Estate Investor

‘Over the last several years, however, the industry has witnessed the emergence of commercial real estate technology capable of quickly surfacing and aggregating property data points, including debt history and lender information, from a variety of disparate sources.’

Intelligent design | The Real Deal

‘As data collection and analysis advance, the market value of information gathered as people move through stores or go about their work day is increasing. In Deloitte’s survey, respondents said that data harvested from IoT systems was their preferred criteria in making investment decisions.’

Will Realtors Disappear? What Changes 2019 And Blockchain Bring To The Role Of Agents | Forbes

‘The traditionally stale real estate industry is starting to evolve faster due to advancements in automation and new technologies such as AI and blockchain. These technologies bring the opportunity to tackle the well-known inefficiencies of the real estate sector.’

#StartupLife5 – What are the biggest barriers you faced with your PropTech startup? | Forbes

‘Connell McGill, Co-Founder of Enertiv: In the early days, it was challenging to convince investors that a business that had a significant hardware component could be scalable. Launching a software company is hard enough. Add in manufacturing, logistics, inventory, installation, project management, and you’ve lost a lot of investors’ attention.’

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