Baby Steps: CRE’s Energy Efficient Future | Nine Four Ventures

‘…per the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 18% of total U.S. energy consumption was consumed by commercial buildings in 2017. According to the same report, only 3% of energy consumed by commercial buildings was from renewable sources. So whether commercial buildings can become more energy efficient or obtain their energy from renewable sources, there’s definitely room for improvement in the industry.’

Stay Alfred Shares Secret to an Instant NOI Boost at IMN’s Multifamily Forum | Portfolio Highlights

‘Developers who partner with Stay Alfred see an average NOI boost of 25%, with some seeing a boost of up to 35%. Stay Alfred’s model for improved NOI is simple, reliable, and empowers developers to partner at any phase of the project, from entitlement to operating.’

Rethinking Real Estate: The Big Case For Small Residential | Forbes

‘Real estate technology (or proptech) has been one of the hottest segments in venture capital. The trend is continuing, with $9.6 billion of funding in 2018 alone. The small residential industry is garnering its fair share of the spoils. A number of my colleagues are looking to bring technology and scale to the small residential industry with such advancements as smart locks, AI-driven rent setting, marketplaces for buying and selling rental properties, vendor networks and software for repairs and maintenance and much more.’

We Company Kicks Off Smart Cities Initiative | Bisnow

‘The We Company, parent of WeWork, apparently wants to do more than expand its offerings in cities around the world. The coworking specialist wants to help remake those cites as well, through a smart cities initiative it is rolling out.’

PropTech Startups Are Merging To Entice Big Real Estate Investors | Bisnow

‘A growing number of small to midsize PropTech companies are merging to achieve scale and diversify their offerings in order to increase their appeal to investors and potential adopters in the real estate industry, according to a new report from real estate/tech law firm Goodwin. As a result, PropTech could be entering its first major wave of consolidation.’

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