From Definition to Valuation, “PropTech” is Messy | Nine Four Ventures

‘Nine Four talks about PropTech a lot (some say that’s all we do) and it’s clear that regardless of whether you’re an investor, a startup, a real estate practitioner, or just interested in the space, there are a variety of definitions of what “PropTech” or “Real Estate Tech” really is. ‘

#StartupLife3: This Is How PropTech Founders Took The Leap Into Startup Life! | Forbes

‘How do you know if you are sitting on a unicorn or are about to throw away the next few years of your life on a pipe dream? The truth is, you never REALLY know until you give it your best shot; but taking the plunge and committing to be a startup founder can be the most daunting step of the whole process.’

New report finds more millenials prefer technology to human touch | Real Estate Weekly

‘Millennials are also abandoning old-fashioned payment methods like checks en masse, with almost half (48 percent) saying that they couldn’t remember the last time they wrote a check for something other than utilities and rent.’

Airbnb Acquires HotelTonight to Expand Travel Portfolio | The New York Times

‘Airbnb says it plans to acquire HotelTonight, a service for travelers seeking last-minute hotel bookings, in a deal that will expand the lodging-rental company’s portfolio with traditional and boutique hotel listings.’

New York could overtake Silicon Valley as a tech hub by 2023 | The Real Deal

‘A new study shows that New York, Beijing, Tokyo and London are increasingly being looked at as places for tech innovation, and could surpass demand in Silicon Valley by 2023, according to the Wall Street Journal.’

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