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Does the future of real estate include Blockchain technology?

‘In 2016, Goldman-Sachs projected an annual $2 billion to $4 billion savings in the title insurance industry as a result of applying Blockchain to title examination.’

Read the full article here: httpss://wapo.st/2JJXYPk

Smart Workplace Access Startup Openpath Raises $20M In Series B

‘Mobile tech means that employees now spend less time at their desks than they used to, and much of the time, they are moving in and out of the office, relying on their smartphone to stay in touch with their work.’

Read the full article here: httpss://bit.ly/2muBoB3

In major pivot, Compass to license its tech

‘…the venture-backed company is employing a new line of business: licensing its technology to other firms.’

Read the full article here: httpss://bit.ly/2LpNE40

Nextdoor Introduces Property Valuation Tools With HouseCanary

‘Real estate agents can use Nextdoor’s real estate platform to promote open houses, post thought leadership articles, talk to neighborhood homeowners, and get their brands out there earlier in the sell-side funnel.’

Read the full article here: httpss://bit.ly/2mA2Flz

Agent Competition and Efficiency

‘In the last few years, the number of Realtors in the US has increased at a faster pace than sales. This implies more competition between agents and highlights the importance of standing out among an agent peers to win listings.

Read the full article here: httpss://bit.ly/2JHcFmj

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