Residential Market Exposure: How Can Startups Mitigate The Risk? | Nine Four Ventures

‘…it is encouraging to see so many startups building creative solutions for home equity ownership and release enabling more Americans to realize the American Dream and access the equity in their existing homes. However, it will be absolutely critical to address and mitigate the inherent volatile market risk these models are exposed to.’

Proptech: A Massive Opportunity We’re Seeing |NfX

‘Despite real estate being – by far – the largest asset class in the world, most business categories surrounding it are still in the early stages of tech adoption. Even still, there have been more billion-dollar real estate tech companies founded in the last 15 years than almost any consumer services category (behind e-commerce). ‘

VC Funding For Mortgage Tech Stays Strong After Billion-Dollar Bump | Pitchbook

‘In the venture capital world, real estate tech is a big industry that’s been a hotbed of VC investment over the last several years: PitchBook data shows that VCs poured more than $6 billion into the space in 2017, and this year has seen nearly $4 billion worth of venture investment so far.’

It’s About to Get ‘Wonky’ in Real Estate Tech: MetaProp’s Aaron Block | Commercial Observer

‘A MetaProp report from earlier this year found that proptech investor confidence reached an “all-time” high in the first six months of 2018. It also found that $12.6 billion was invested in proptech startups in 2017—a huge jump from the $4.2 billion in 2016.’

These 4 Technological Advancements Will Dramatically Change CRE | Bisnow

‘While landlords and building designers look for ways to bring old building stock into the modern era, several emerging technologies from blockchain to smart building technology are already starting to have significant impact on how commercial real estate is sold, built and managed.’

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