• Furniture as a Service May 30, 2019 Today’s modern workplace is shifting towards a more dynamic, fast changing and disparate environment. As a result, high growth startups need to keep up and provide the newest and best office amenities to keep employee retention high and churn low in this competitive recruiting marketplace.
  • Scooters as a Service December 20, 2018 Nine Four Ventures believes scooters and micromobility solutions are going to be meaningful part of our everyday lives
  • The Scooter Effect September 13, 2018 Given the implications that mobility has for real estate, we believe that real estate owners and operators should pay close attention to how mobility networks can impact the demand for properties

  • Photogrammetry: Keeping Insurance “Open for Business” May 13, 2020 In this post I build upon my previous blog and discuss how the insurance industry can benefit from photogrammetry, computer vision technology
  • Photogrammetry: Keeping Construction “Open for Business” with Virtual Inspections April 16, 2020 Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs. The inputs are typically 2D photos and the output is typically a 3D map, drawing or model of a real-world object or environment
  • The Importance of Data October 18, 2019 Data is in the center of business. From tracking buying habits in the retail world to predicting fraud in the banking world, data scientists are figuring out the best ways to extract the most value for their customers and companies.
  • Network Effects July 19, 2019 We believe technical expertise combined with our real estate experience and strategic real estate limited partner network can create a unique unfair competitive advantage.
  • The Data Advantage: Innovation for the Brokerage of Today April 12, 2019 In a space where technology is still uncharted territory, but also celebrated, where can startups make the most impact and how will agencies benefit?
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Human Advantage December 13, 2018 The advancement of machine learning is undeniably valuable as we look at technologies being conceptualized within the RE space. Whether it be for residential, multifamily, or commercial, the growth potential it creates is something we at Nine Four feel strongly about.

  • Construction Technology: Current Stakeholder Priorities July 24, 2020 Construction Technology: Current Stakeholder Priorities Construction plays a critical part of the global economy. In the US alone, the industry represents trillions of dollars of annual spend and employs more than ten million people[1]. It’s massive, to say the least. Yet, the industry is consistently plagued by inefficiencies such as high costs and slow turnaround …

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  • Construction Technology Market Map May 7, 2020 Construction plays a critical role in the US economy. The industry employs millions of workers and involves trillions of dollars every year.
  • Photo documentation management February 21, 2020 Institutional construction job sites are incredibly complex projects and have myriad different stakeholders including, but not limited to, architects, designers, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, lenders, inspectors, etc.
  • Tech Enabled, Vertically Integrated General Contractors August 29, 2019 Technology can not only reduce costs but also increase revenue.
  • Construction Payment Automation April 25, 2019 …the lack of formidable software tools available to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers exacerbates major manual pain points around purchase orders, invoices, receipts and liens. Today, we’re going to take a deeper dive into those downstream challenges and potential solutions.
  • Construction Loan Draw Management March 28, 2019 The construction industry is massive. It’s one of the largest sectors of the global economy representing $5 trillion in payments annually, with the US construction industry representing a $1T market.
  • Modular Homes November 29, 2018 Modular home builders benefit from many cost savings and pass along some of those to prospective buyers. Manual labor is traditionally the biggest expense associated with every construction project.

  • COVID’s Spotlight on Hardware-enabled SaaS June 26, 2020 COVID has made everyone rethink where and how they work, and as a result, there are looming questions about how the office environment is changing. What does this mean for commercial office owners, corporate tenants, and the employees that ultimately occupy those spaces? We’re seeing cities begin to open up and some firms appear closer …

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  • CRE Smart Access Management June 12, 2020 It’s no surprise the traditional paradigm of working from the office every day of the week is gone. Fortunately, in 2020, we have tools such as Zoom, Slack, and DocuSign, for example, that allow us to communicate with each other and maintain acceptable productivity levels.
  • SmartRent Series C May 29, 2020 Nine Four Ventures is excited to announce its follow-on investment in SmartRent’s $60M Series C round led by Spark Capital and with participation of Bain Capital Ventures, RET Ventures, Fifth Wall, Energy Impact Partners, and the Amazon Alexa Fund.
  • Real Estate Technology and the Reduction of Carbon Emissions February 7, 2020 Coming into the new decade, one question that is top of mind for many is – what are we going to do about climate change?
  • The Sustainability Shift October 31, 2019 Building a sustainable brand in today’s eco-conscious climate is something real estate companies can no longer ignore. Not only do renters and owners expect it, it’s imperative to take part in this movement as real estate stands for 40% of overall energy usage globally. Yet, as we see a shift in awareness and adoption there …

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  • Millennials and Multifamily Sustainability September 12, 2019 The conscious effort to make an impact and change the narrative is one in which the millennial generation, and those to follow, feel strongly about.
  • Tech: The New Amenity For Aging Properties August 23, 2019 The introduction of new technologies provide owners and operators an added layer of amenity that once wasn’t available to them.
  • Self Tours May 23, 2019 The concept of self-touring (a prospective renter or home buyer tours the property on their own, without an agent) has been around for a long time, but with the help of smart locks, smart home devices, and software integrations, we are seeing the true potential of self-touring.
  • Baby Steps: CRE’s Energy Efficient Future March 21, 2019 To achieve the goal of reducing the globe’s net greenhouse gas emissions to zero percent by 2050, we need the vast majority of commercial property owners to become more energy efficient with a focus on renewable energy sources.
  • High Speed Internet: Never Fast Enough October 19, 2018 In the “amenities arm race” of the multifamily industry, one often overlooked amenity is providing reliable, fast internet to residents. Internet needs to work immediately when a resident moves in to their new home.

  • COVID and Campus Housing August 1, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic is still dramatically impacting our world. The number of new cases in the US is rapidly growing and is showing no signs of slowing down. I’m Charlie Hallene, Summer Intern at Nine Four Ventures and I’m also a rising Junior at the University of Arizona. With the school year just around the …

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  • We’d love to hear from YOU! July 10, 2020 PlaceTech recently posted results from a Colliers International survey about distributed companies. The results show that about half of those surveyed saw no change in productivity working at the office versus working at home. We’ve all been hearing mixed messages about workforce productivity post-COVID. That said, we created a quick questionnaire to learn more from …

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  • The Entrenched Incumbents of Property Management – Yardi, RealPage, and the Future November 22, 2019 …we do envision a world where startups build an agile software backbone that does have a differentiated cost structure and user experience that may unseat incumbent, traditional property managers themselves (the current customers of Yardi and RealPage).
  • 2019 MBA Conference: PropTech Themes Presentation June 28, 2019 This week I had the opportunity to present some of the technology trends and companies we’re seeing for the Mortgage Banker Association in Washington DC.
  • Nine Four’s Preview For AIM’s 2019 Conference May 3, 2019 This year’s AIM (Apartment Innovation and Marketing) Conference takes place on May 5-8th in Huntington Beach, CA. We are thrilled to be participating on the panel “Don’t Build It, Invest In It: The New Operator Approach to Technology”.
  • CREtech New York Takeaways December 7, 2018 This week I had the opportunity to speak at the CREtech conference in NY, and I think the experience I had at the event is representative of where the PropTech space stands at the moment: lots of momentum, lots of excitement, and a lot of unknowns.
  • The Incumbent Advantage November 15, 2018 As we are in the early innings of real estate technology adoption, we are seeing new tech-enabled platforms enter the space. Many of these platforms are challenging the traditional incumbents in the space, ranging from service providers to hardware to property management systems.
  • Democratizing Retail Investor Access to Investment Real Estate September 26, 2018 If retail investors do not have the necessary capital on hand to buy rental income properties, how do we solve this problem?

  • COVID’s Spotlight on Hardware-enabled SaaS June 26, 2020 COVID has made everyone rethink where and how they work, and as a result, there are looming questions about how the office environment is changing. What does this mean for commercial office owners, corporate tenants, and the employees that ultimately occupy those spaces? We’re seeing cities begin to open up and some firms appear closer …

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  • SaaS: Gateway to FinTech Fund Flows March 18, 2020 SaaS and payments and even lending represent other combinations contributing to the creation of deep activity systems leading to bigger addressable markets, expedited growth and greater differentiation.
  • Payment Operations Management January 23, 2020 Managing invoices, purchase orders and delinquencies across legacy payment channels including ACH, wire, check, etc. is complex and a painful process. But it doesn’t stop there!
  • SaaS Enabled Marketplaces December 13, 2019 The combination of SaaS and marketplace network effects creates complex activity systems expediting growth, strengthening competitive advantages and expanding addressable markets over time.
  • SMB Service Provider Marketing Automation: Driving Offline to Online Commerce September 18, 2019 Generally speaking, services-focused SMBs in flooring, painting, plumbing, roofing, etc., historically concentrated their efforts within a hyper-local geography to service their immediate local community.
  • Go-To-Market: Find the Wedge August 7, 2019 Nine Four Ventures not only appreciates founders taking this approach but also believes many “wedge” opportunities exist in PropTech today across verticals…
  • Underwriting Software: One Size Does Not Fit All January 24, 2019 Underwriting software needs to be flexible in order to achieve mass adoption. Prior to joining Nine Four Ventures, I spent 8+ years in multifamily and commercial real estate acquisitions, where I underwrote nearly $10B in transactions.

  • COVID as a Catalyst May 21, 2020 As financial impacts of COVID-19 continue to work their way through the global economy, we’re beginning to see separations in how different real estate incumbents are thinking about, and adopting, technology.
  • Optimizing NOI Amid Uncertainty May 1, 2020 In this post, we review a few of the many ways, PropTech, specifically, can help industry stakeholders optimize operations.
  • PropTech Today: The Same, but Different April 24, 2020 In the real estate world, anything that would require a person to be on-premise or require physical documents presents an opportunity for substitution.
  • PropTech Post COVID-19 April 3, 2020 In this post, we’ll discuss some of the businesses that have been positively impacted so far, and some that we believe are slated to see new growth opportunities as the world turns on its head.
  • PropTech Tailwinds from COVID-19 April 3, 2020 In this post, we’ll discuss some of the businesses that have been positively impacted so far, and some that we believe are slated to see new growth opportunities as the world turns on its head.
  • PropTech in the Midst of COVID-19 March 27, 2020 The impact of a global pandemic is comprehensive in scale, and despite a government stimulus package, it looks like there is a long road ahead of us.
  • Strength in Numbers March 6, 2020 Real Estate is especially known to be a relationship-driven business
  • PropTech Consolidation February 28, 2020 Venture-backed PropTech companies are driving commercial real estate into the digital age with strategies to build so many different products (hardware and software), services, and platforms…
  • A Shifting PropTech Mindset? January 31, 2020 …the PropTech space overall continues its evolution. According to CREtech, 2019 saw ~$30B+ invested in the PropTech space globally, keeping the annual trend of continuous record-breaking years of funding alive.
  • Branding For The Now January 17, 2020 We live in a time where the product and software landscape is overwhelmingly saturated. For consumers, over-stimulation is very real – sorting through a sea of brands to find the ones that resonate, keep their promise, and continuously surprise and delight is almost a task in itself.

  • Remote Work: Technology Solutions to Transition March 12, 2020 With the current state of worldwide health concerns due to COVID-19, many companies are leaning (or will eventually be forced) towards changing their day-to-day communication strategy by asking employees to work from home. With so many uncertainties, how will people adjust, and what companies will take charge to help with the transition from our everyday …

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  • PropTech: A Remedy For The Lonely? February 14, 2020 Companies specifically targeted to advance and contribute to how humans live within the built world, can have a tremendous impact on a path to a healthy, fulfilled life.
  • Branch Office Furniture and the Disruption of an Antiquated Space December 5, 2019 Branch, a digitally native office furniture solution and new Nine Four portfolio company, has entered the market to simplify the process, offering direct-to-business furniture with the guidance, flexibility, and the quality that growing companies require, all at an extremely affordable price.
  • Hospitality, Short Term Rentals, and The Value of Consistency October 25, 2019 From the short-term rental point of view, the positions that Marriott, Hilton, and other hospitality brands are taking with regards to home-sharing, consistency, and demand, indicate that professionally managed short-term rental companies could be on to something.
  • Space-as-a-service Cost Structures June 21, 2019 Over the past few years, PropTech has experienced an explosion of space-as-a-service startups. These businesses are optimizing real estate assets and re-inventing how employers manage their offices, employees travel and people rent their living space.
  • Co-living: The Human Perspective June 6, 2019 At Nine Four Ventures, we are excited for this sector to take flight. There will be endless conversations about the pros and cons for both the owners/developers and renters but as I see it, the value it will provide to the diverse demographic of today’s renters will be invaluable.
  • The Future of Work’s Impact on Real Estate May 16, 2019 The Future of Work – that is, the new paradigm of interactions between workers, jobs or employment arrangements, and their physical/virtual workspaces – has significant implications for the Real Estate sector.
  • The WeWork Effect: Stay Alfred’s Relatable Future April 5, 2019 We believe that Stay Alfred, and other short term operators, have a similar opportunity as WeWork and that master leasing units is just the beginning.
  • Short-Term Rentals: Curated For a New Generation March 14, 2019 Nine Four Ventures is very mindful of the disruptive shift that is taking place within the short-term rental space.
  • Travel Apartments and Multifamily: Less Risk, More Reward November 8, 2018 Stay Alfred, a Nine Four Ventures portfolio company, is building something I would categorize as game-changing with respect to multifamily.